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Union Thugs Up To Same, Tired Old Tricks In Michigan (UPDATED)

Right-To-Work Advances

December 11, 2012

LANSING–As Michigan prepares to become the 24th state to enact right-to-work legislation (which prohibits unions from forcing non-members to pay union dues), Big Labor is responding in the only fashion it knows: yelling and wrecking stuff.

Raw footage, shot on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol by a member of our Citizen Watchdog team, shows brutish labor leaders engaging in the tired practices that have marked union protests for decades. Chants. Bullhorns. Public intimidation of any person without union credentials. Wait, is that Jimmy Hoffa in frame 6?

The compilation of video clips includes a version of the “Hey Hey! Ho Ho!” chant that is often the only weapon in Labor’s arsenal, as well as sign-waving protesters in hard hats barking incoherent talking points. If these protesters aren’t working–and they’re not, as several school districts have cancelled classes because too few teachers have shown up for work–why, one must wonder, do they bother wearing protective work gear?

The final clip in the segment features an unfortunate soul trying to join the rain-soaked protesters, only to be turned away by a pair of thugs screaming for his union card. As the more reasonable–and that’s being generous–of the pair lays out his demands, his scraggily-bearded partner takes a drag on his cigarette, leans into the “visitor” and howls, “UNION CARD, MOTHERF*****!!!!”

I wonder if he learned his manners in school? Perhaps from one of the union teachers in the crowd.

At one point, United Auto Workers president Bob King attempted to enter the Capitol. Organizers began a chant of “Let Bob In!” after apparently hearing small children to their rear repeat the phrase. The lead barker began chanting the phrase at the crowd below, who seemed disinterested (”…another one?”) or confused (“…who is this Bob you speak of?”) for about 20 seconds before getting the hint.

For the first several days of protest, the Michigan union thugs appeared much less unruly than their counterparts in Wisconsin, who in 2011 stormed that state’s Capitol and caused extensive property damage. But as prospects of defeating the legislation waned, the crowd grew increasingly desperate, and set out on a more attainable goal: destroying the tent of Americans for Prosperity, a group which supports right-to-work.

I now understand why the protesters wore hard hats to the Capitol. When you intend from the start to be violent, it makes sense to protect whatever is left inside your skull.

UPDATE 4:00PM: Below is more footage from today’s protests, including a firsthand account from our Citizen Watchdog on the ground as the AFP tent falls at the hands of the angry mob.

(First and third videos courtesy Chris McCoy. Second video courtesy Lee Stranahan.)

Kevin Palmer

Staff writer at Franklin Center. Contact me at kevin@watchdogwire.com

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