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Local Version of IRS Scandal – Lawless Bureaucracy

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan city officials quietly disclosed circumventing statue provisions with undocumented standards and procedures in a declaration uploaded to the city’s website.
“The City Commission requested that these standards and procedures be documented in writing.”
“…standards and procedures that have been implemented…”  “This will increase the opportunity for board and commission members, the general public, and the development community to be fully aware of the procedure and expectations.”
Intentional breach of positive statutory duties and felony misconduct in office has been ongoing since 2009, according to the declaration.
Breach of statutory duty has been known dating back to 2004. City officials have ignored or explained improper action as the unintentional and immutable result of error or confusion. Advocating statute compliance triggered responses that suggest city officials vacated statutory duty prior to 2009.
This declaration reflects a theme found throughout city administration; regulations optional pending decision realization. Beyond administration, an autonomous bureaucracy secondarily concerned with authority to act and equitable, efficient administration.
Criminal Alt

Lawless Bureaucracy is growing governments everywhere.
Oath of Office, Ethics Policy, Rules of Professional Conduct and Legislated Penalties fail to yield compliance with state and local statutes.
 more invasive · higher cost 
Categories: Government Transparency, Regulation, Waste, Fraud and Abuse


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