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DairyDoo: A Michigan Dairy Farmer Makes Lots of Moolah Recycling Cow Manure

Meet Brad Morgan, dairy farmer, successful entrepreneur,  blue-collar visionary, and documentary film subject. The family business, Morgan Composting, Inc., has three operations and employs about 25 people.

Farmer Morgan’s waste-product-effort-turned-cash-cow began in 1996 in Sears, MI.

He says something you don’t hear very often from environmentally-earnest sorts: “The one thing we have to make happen in this country … is making recycling profitable.”

In a recent MLive article,  reporter Kirk Heinze said he bought a bag of DairyDoo Natural Soil Amendment, after interviewing Brad Morgan. Heinze spread the organic compost in his garden and raved about the results.

The Detroit Free Press is also a Morgan fan. Business writer Greg Gardner noted, “What makes Morgan Composting’s steady growth more remarkable is that it has come with no government loans or grants and no bank financing.”

Who says you can’t win over the government-media complex, now and then, with private-sector approaches to being green?

Izzy Lyman

Izzy Lyman is the Michigan editor for Watchdog Wire. She lives in Petoskey. She can be reached at michigan@watchdogwire.com. Twitter: @IzzyLyman

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