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MI: Vassar Citizens Voice Opinions on Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

Three-hundred community leaders and activists (pictured above) gathered together in Vassar, Michigan last night to voice their opinions about a potential contract between Wolverine Human Services and the United States government to house a group of teenage illegal immigrants in their community.


Last night’s meeting became quite heated as most residents do not want these teens in their community.

Wolverine and the Federal Government claim that these teens will only be here temporarily. But why should the residents of Vassar trust the Obama administration? Recall that President Obama once said, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” And, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

That turned out to be one of many lies that have been told by President Obama during his entire administration.

Two days ago, President Obama asked Congress to approve $3.7 billion in fundingĀ to assist with the accommodation, legal representation and resettlement of illegal immigrants.

Yet there is no mention in his plan of “removal” of them from our country. We have more pressing issues facing our country, yet President Obama is so quick to dismiss these issues as phony scandals.

Do we, as a nation, owe more to people who are in our country illegally than to those who have fought for freedom and liberty?

The crisis on the border between Texas and Mexico is quickly becoming the next Obama Administration scandal, and it is very real now to the people of Michigan.

The citizens of Vassar are fighting for their rights to keep their small town free of illegal aliens. However, it appears that the will of the people does not matter.

If Wolverine signs this contract with the federal government, there is a possibility that up to 120 teens will arrive in Vassar in the coming weeks.

But the citizens of Vassar and people throughout the state of Michigan are gearing up to help make sure that this does not happen at all.

Perhaps Wolverine should take a look at how this affects their name and reputation if they proceed to bring these teens to Michigan. Going against the will of the people can be counterproductive, if they feel their rights are threatened.

YouTube Preview Image

Editor’s Note: Video link and top photo provided by Tamyra Murray

Gena Rinckey

Wife, Mom of three - two college students and one Navy Airman. Citizen journalist and activist. Inspired by the late Andrew Breitbart. Twitter: @Gena_Rinckey

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