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MI: Citizens Threaten Recall of Rep. Kurt Heise

Rhetoric has been getting heated recently, as the Michigan House of Representatives prepares to vote on a bill which would raise gasoline taxes by $1 billion annually.

The focus of much of that heated rhetoric is Kurt Heise, the Republican representing Canton, Plymouth, and Northville in the State House.

“Some activists have been talking about recalling Kurt Heise, if he votes to double the gas tax,” said Ignacio Marquez, a Republican Precinct Delegate from Canton Township. “Heise promised not to raise taxes, but he broke that promise when he voted for similar bills hiking gasoline and vehicle registration taxes in the past.”

Heise’s district, in particular, has become known for recalls after efforts targeting former State Rep. Marc Corriveau, a Democrat, ┬áin 2008 and the Plymouth Township Board Trustees in 2014.

The bill, which passed in the State Senate, would replace the current state gasoline tax with a higher wholesale tax which would rise with increasing prices.

Image of Heise: GOPhouse.org

Alex Witoslawski

Alex Witoslawski is a Metro Detroit pro-growth Republican & liberty activist. Twitter: @ajwitoslawski

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