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Bentivolio Support for Cromnibus Bill Draws Americans’ Wrath

Earlier this week Congressman Kerry Bentivolio, R-MI-11, was widely praised for his tough grilling (during a House Oversight hearing) of Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist, who criticized the American people as “stupid.”

Today Bentivolio is the one being widely excoriated by constituents and limited-government proponents.

What happened?

It turns out that the lame-duck representative (he lost his bid for re-election to attorney Dave Trott) cast the deciding procedural vote, in the House, for the $1 trillion omnibus deal known colloquially as Cromnibus.

Yesterday Matt Fuller, a Roll Call reporter, tweeted, “And in the end, the rule for the Cromnibus is adopted 214-212 after Bentivolio switches. Closest rule vote I’ve ever seen.”

The Detroit News reports that Bentivolio, a one-time reindeer rancher and Santa Claus impersonator, changed his vote “at the urging of House leaders, some of whom had held fundraisers for his re-election bid. The bill known as a rule passed 214-212, with 16 Republicans voting against including [Michigan] Rep. Justin Amash of Cascade Township.”

On Bentivolio’s Facebook page, commentators rabidly complained that the congressman ‘sold out his country’ and ‘betrayed his base.’

Michael William Gent wrote: “What a CLASSIC way to end your time in Congress – good to see Michigan has voted you out of office … No need to look any further as to why the general public has lost confidence in elected representative officials.”


Final vote results here. Today, the U.S. Senate will deliberate the bill.

Top photo from Facebook: Bentivolio gifts Rep. Michele Bachman with male reindeer antlers

Izzy Lyman

Izzy Lyman is the Michigan editor for Watchdog Wire. She lives in Petoskey. She can be reached at michigan@watchdogwire.com. Twitter: @IzzyLyman

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