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Satanic Temple Sponsors ‘Snaketivity’ Scene In Lansing

Ho, ho, ho? Is it some kind of bizarre joke that a group of Satanists have been given the go ahead, by state officials, to display a “Snaketivity” scene, at Michigan’s State Capitol’s north lawn, during Christmas week?

No, no, no.

John Truscott, a member of the Michigan State Capitol Commission, has told various media outlets that while he does not “appreciate a group trying to hijack a Christian holiday,” the commission approved the Satanic Temple of Detroit’s 3-foot by 3-foot display.

“We are restricted by the Constitution and bound by the Constitution to recognize their [Satanic Temple] First Amendment rights,” explained Truscott to MLive.

B9315507752Z.1_20141215140845_000_GMK9DSDM5.1-0The display (pictured above and to the left) features a red serpent, a book, an eerie pentagram, and a short, secular message.

On their Facebook page, the Satanic Temple of Detroit writes: “Just as the Nativity represents a mythology of the birth of Christ, the Snake is symbolic of the birth of human enlightenment and liberation.”

Many Americans, who vehemently disagree with that sentiment and are offended by it, will likely view these very political Satanists’ display as part of the so-called war on Christmas and Christians.

In the meantime MI State Senator Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, is working to bring a traditional nativity scene to the Capitol in a last-minute attempt to “save Christmas.”iStock_000007960362Small


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Images: Satanic Temple of Detroit, Fox News

Izzy Lyman

Izzy Lyman is the Michigan editor for Watchdog Wire. She lives in Petoskey. She can be reached at michigan@watchdogwire.com. Twitter: @IzzyLyman

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