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Congressional candidates argue over whether raising the minimum wage would help low-income workers or cost them jobs.

More and more Nevadans are participating in early voting but this trend may not mean an increase in the number of those voting.

LAS VEGAS — If the margin tax passes, it will claim a group of unlikely victims: Medicaid patients. That’s according to the owner of a large, Southern Nevada nursing home who says, if voters approve the new tax November 4, he will be forced to stop accepting new Medicaid patients, leaving them with fewer health care options, extending their treatment wait times and worsening their outcomes.

Thomas Mitchell’s advice to those who have not informed themselves about the items on the ballot: don’t vote and avoid canceling out informed voters.

The battle over Question 3, called either the “Margin Tax” or “The Education Initiative”, will be one of the most contentious and expensive races in Nevada.

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