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Does the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms extend beyond the home? The Supreme Court will look at NJ’s gun laws…and their decision affects citizens in other states as well.

New Jersey dropped 6 places in a report comparing the economic outlook for each state, due largely to the constitutionally-mandated minimum wage hike.

As the poll numbers break down by age, gender and political affiliation, the numbers produce a different story.

When 20 citizens and elected officials gathered around the intersection of Stelton Road and Hadley Center Drive last Saturday to rally against red light cameras, little did they know that their third protest at that intersection would be the first protest where the opposition would step in to change the rules of the debate.

According to a new OPRA request, drivers in Piscataway paid almost $5 million in red light camera fines, and there were more accidents – and more severe claims – after the cameras were installed.

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