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Non-Profit Groups: Research, Campaigns, FOIA, Judicial Issues, Election Data and Ballots

State Budget Solutions

A guide to state financial operations.


An online tool that uses mapping technology to show the relationship between people and organizations, revealing who has the real power and influence.

Follow the Money

This site allows you to see how money flows through your state, including the campaign contributions for statewide elected officials. It also includes analysis of those contributions and much, much more.

Political Party Time

Here you will find a collection of invitations to Congressional and Presidential political fundraising events. You can find out where they are and who is expected to come. You can also view various other invitations sent by political action committees and lobbyists throughout the DC area

Sunlight Foundation

A great place to go with links and information on other resources you can use in your research.

Lucy Burns Institute

An educational organization dedicated to connecting citizen to their local government. LBI provides resources on ballot measures, FOIA, judges, and local elections.


The go-to site for local election data. Ballotpedia contains candidate profiles and results from thousands of state legislative races across the country, along with information on ballot measures and other local and state elections.


An encyclopedia of courts and judges, with information on how judges are selected in each state and what powers they have.


A state by state guide to “sunshine laws”, including data on open meetings laws, litigation, pending legislation that would affect citizens’ access to records, and more.