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On Wednesday, October 1, with just 34 days before the midterm elections, a three judge panel from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals placed a preliminary injunction on two aspects of the election law set to take effect this November. The court reversed a previous District court’s ruling which had not granted an injunction to the Plaintiffs in […]

A pro-gun grass-roots group is filing a lawsuit for a temporary restraining order on the gun ban Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler is enforcing for the North Carolina State Fair, which begins in two weeks.

Should North Carolina change its voting rules 40 days before a general election?

Originally posted by Christian Hine at Pundit House on 9/24/2014. Common Americans United to Inspire Our Nation (CAUTION) welcomed Kurt Naas of WidenI77 to this past Monday’s meeting to give the anti-HOT lane presentation his group has been sharing in contrast to the NCDOT’s and elected officials’ positions on the matter. There has been news of late regarding […]

It looks like the struggle to replace the Common Core State Standards will continue if North Carolina Chairman of the State Board of Education Bill Cobey’s opening comments at the inaugural meeting of the newly appointed Academic Standards Review Commission are any indication. In a packed room inside the Education Building on Wilmington Street Monday […]

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