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Community organizer and gun control activist Vincent DeMarco spoke at UNC Charlotte about his a foolproof method of pressuring lawmakers into voting for policy that his groups create, with faith leaders as the most critical members.

The Democrat-supporting Senate Majority PAC made a $1 million ad buy to smear Thom Tillis in North Carolina just before the primary on May 6. Does the PAC want to sway voters away from Tillis to a candidate less likely to win against Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC)? In one of the hottest races in the […]

The Voter Integrity Project of NC asks Buncombe County election officials to curtail the practice of registering voters from addresses that don’t exist.

Jumping from a ranking of 22 out of 50 states in 2013 to number 6 in 2014, puts North Carolina into the top ten for the first time since ALEC’s economic outlook reports began in 2008.

Kay Hagan has never backed away from praising the health care law; not even after almost a half million of her fellow North Carolinians lost their coverage.

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