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Mocking serious pro-lifers is a common pastime among abortion supporters, but a husband and wife team has taken the activity to a whole new level.

What would you say if you read that 1,191 illegal immigrant children arrested at the southern border this year are being housed in North Carolina and taxpayers don’t have a clue about where?

We’ve all heard the PEW Research Center’s cliche that likens vote fraud to getting struck by lightning, but now we understand how they get away with that nonsense: the key is prosecutions…and those things are hard to get! For example, the first five of our Florida and NC (FLANC) double voters have finally reached a level of […]

If the Halbig v. Burwell ruling stands, which is still debatable, what will the future hold for states like North Carolina?

Over 50 protesters against illegal immigration stood outside the Mexican Consulate in North Carolina on Six Forks Road, waving flags and holding signs.

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