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NC Homeschooler Signed by Boston Red Sox

Every year, homeschooled kids in many states are barred from playing on public school sports teams. Standing 6-foot-6, Patrick Goetze was one of those kids. Now, he’s got a chance to pitch for the Boston Red Sox.

Last month, the Red Sox selected him in the 36th round of the 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft. As a homeschooled player, Goetze worked extra hard to get noticed by scouts. The right hander played for the Wake County Home School Warriors, an all-homeschooled team, and also joined Purpose Driven baseball, a showcase team founded by Jay Stott.

“I feel like if I would have gone to a more traditional high school there probably would have been more interest from more teams,” Goetze explained in the News and Observer. “But playing for coach Jay (Stott) with Purpose Driven and the Home School Warriors was an excellent opportunity for me and that helped a lot.”

Goetze had to choose between going to college or joining the Red Sox. According to a tweet from his high school team, he signed with the Sox:

His road to the Red Sox wasn’t an easy one. In addition to the homeschooling disadvantage, Goetze required Tommy John surgery in March 2012. Despite the injury, he made it back onto the field and impressed the scouts. Through it all, his Homeschool Warriors coach Warren Harvey says Goetze didn’t let setbacks keep him from his dream.

“He is just a great kid and has kept everything in perspective,” Harvey told the News & Observer. “He dealt with adversity with injuries and through all of that, he didn’t allow it to keep him from pursuing his goals. Patrick never missed a practice or a game while he was injured and helped motivate his teammates.”

Goetze is thankful for the opportunity he has before him, and makes it clear he has a strong faith in God:

“I’m really blessed and thank God for this opportunity. It’s very special to have a pro team come look at you. … [I]t wasn’t easy for me to get that opportunity. … Give God the Glory. I will be the best I can be.”

There is no doubt this young athlete serves as an inspiration for homeschooled athletes all across the county.

In the future, North Carolina homeschool students could be permitted to play for public schools. House Bill 228, which would allow them to play for their local schools, was filed in March of this year and referred to committee.

(photo courtesy of Debra Goetze via Raleigh News & Observer)

Josh Kaib

Josh Kaib is the Assistant Editor of Watchdog Wire. Twitter: @joshkaib

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