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NC: Are Democrats Suppressing Conservative Voters?

Democrats want to dispense with the democratic process by shutting down the rights of a conservative group with over two million members.

Casey Mann, executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party, sent an email to the NCDP Chairman Randy Voller on Sept. 29 wherein she states, “We need your help to fight this legal battle to ensure groups like Americans for Prosperity are kept out of our democratic process.”

Mann is referring to an investigation into a mailer with incorrect information that AFP North Carolina sent out recently. AFP North Carolina state director said, “It was a mistake. We’re not going to make any bones about it…We made mistakes in the mailer.”

Honest mistakes are made all the time, and companies have to eat related losses, but AFP’s Communications Director Levi Russell told Watchdog Wire that the organization’s expensive campaign to sign up new voters has also been very successful. For example, one particular week of tracking results showed  3,800 newly registered voters.

Russell also said the left has typically held the voter registration advantage, so they don’t appreciate AFP moving into their territory.

Now, not only has the NC Democratic Party been hammering away at AFP’s registration drive effort, but another group on the left has taken up the cause.

In Sunday’s News and Observer print edition, MoveOn.org took out a full-page ad against AFP regarding the mailer.

The ad shows an African-American woman with her arms crossed with the words: “The Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity has been mailing false voter registration information to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians.”

Moreover, here’s MoveOn’s plan to suppress conservatives’ rights to sign people up (just like they and the Democrats have been doing for years). From MoveOn’s blog:

With sufficient funds, here’s what we’ll do to fight back:

  • We’ll get ads on the radio and in community newspapers to give voters the correct information wherever the deceitful mailings were reported.
  • We’ll prepare for possible legal action to hold the Koch-funded perpetrators accountable. If voter registration information is intentionally misleading and is found to discourage voters, providing that information could be a felony.
  • We’ll organize MoveOn’s awesome volunteers to call voters in North Carolina to make sure they understand the stakes of this election and have access to accurate information.
  • And we’ll support voters in making their voices heard—to make this maneuver backfire. In 2012, when Republicans passed laws that turned voting into an obstacle course, some of the most affected communities—African Americans and Latinos—voted in greater numbers than in 2008, before voter suppression had become such a popular GOP tactic.6

Both MoveOn and the Democrats appear to be exploiting a simple mistake because a conservative group has waded into space traditionally occupied by the left.

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