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NC: Guilford County School System Openly Electioneering

Rules? What rules?

October 21, 2014

The Guilford County School System has been using taxpayer dollars to endorse a tax increase by using county facilities, equipment and personnel.

Recently, I wrote about the GCSS campaign to get voters to say ‘yes’ to the ¼ cent sales tax increase that will be on the 2014 ballot. Now I’ve found their activities violate North Carolina general statute NCGS 115C-46.1.

NCGS 115C-46.1. Limitation on the use of public funds.
A local board of education shall not use public funds to endorse or oppose a referendum, election or a particular candidate for elective office. (2010-114, s. 1.5(c).)

We also have proof that GCSS has done the following:

  • Told school employees they MUST put out fliers in support of the referendum.
  • Used the GCSS printing shop to print fliers sent home with students. (See High Point Enterprise article of Oct.11, 2014; these fliers extolled the benefits of the sales tax to the schools.)
  • Sent out school newsletters endorsing the ¼ cent sales tax.
  • Produced videos and websites endorsing the ¼ cent sales tax.
  • Sent Robocalls using school system resources endorsing the ¼ cent sales tax.
  • Made public announcements at High School athletic events endorsing the ¼ cent sales tax.
  • Sent emails to affiliated groups (Boy Scouts, etc.) asking them to promote and share fliers with their members.

We have asked for more information from the GCSS, but as of yet, haven’t heard back.

Can anyone honestly say that Guilford County School System is not endorsing this referendum? The act of telling people to vote for the referendum is in and of itself an endorsement.

Do we want our schools, using our tax dollars, to continue teaching children it’s okay to present only one side of an argument?

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Marcus Kindley

Marcus Kindley is former three term Chairman of Guilford County, NC; Co-Owner Intercarolina Financial Services; Member NCGOP Executive Committee 1999-2009; President Guilford County Republican Men's Club.

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