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Last week Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel opened the State of Ohio checkbook. For the first time, a wide amount of data on how the state spends money will be available to taxpayers on OhioCheckbook.com.

Jeffrey Lansky, the mayor of the Cleveland suburb of Maple Heights, is suing husband and wife William and Lynde Brownlee. Their offense? Posting criticism of his administration on their blog Maple Heights News.

Though taxis are not as common in Ohio as in Washington, D.C. or Chicago – Ohio big cities have not necessarily been more welcoming to taxi’s new competitors: ride-sharing companies.

Robert O’Neill, now 38 and retired after serving almost 17 years, said that he was the one whose two shots killed Osama Bin Laden, according to the Washington Post.

Did the Clark County Department of Jobs and Family Services (CCDJFS) transfer $25,000 from an off-book account to a levy campaign? That was the conclusion an audit by the Ohio Auditor’s office came to.

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