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Ohio Considers Repealing Common Core

Ohio opted in to the Common Core State Standards Initiative in 2010. But now citizens and politicians are having second thoughts.

The state was drawn in when the Ohio Board of Education approved implementing the new standards in June 2010. The standards go in to full effect in 2014-2015, although schools have been encouraged to begin implementing them sooner.

But now legislation is on the table that would stop Ohio from being forced to participate in the Common Core. Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) has introduced a bill that would adopt language that prohibits the Board of Education from adopting or implementing “the academic content standards for English language arts and mathematics developed by the common core standards initiative.

The bill makes clear that the Board of Education would also not be allowed to used the “partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers (PARCC), or any other assessments related to or based on the common core standards” as any of the assessments to meet the mandates of the Ohio Revised Code.

Thompson told the Columbus Dispatch, “I’m not sure the Common Core standards are that great,” he said. “Beyond that, I don’t think Ohio is just like California or just like Montana.”

Citizens groups like Ohioans Against Common Core have expressed similar concerns, worrying that following national standards hinders the ability of states to flex to meet their individual students needs. Others have worried about the data tracking of students.

Ohio is not the only state that has flinched.

Common Core standards were adopted in Michigan by Board of Education fiat, as well. Tom McMillin, a State Representative in Michigan has argued that only a legislature could change educational standards.

“The Department of Education is trying to put Michigan schools in Common Core without legislative approval,” said McMillin, R-Rochester Hills. “Giving our authority to control what is taught in our schools to any national entity is wrong.”

Both Michigan and Indiana have hit the pause button on implementing Common Core in their states. Each state plans to reevaluate its participation in the initiative. Other states, including Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia and South Dakota, have floated proposed legislation that would either halt implementing Common Core or would consider it.

The Ohio bill currently has thirteen cosponsors, and awaits committee assignment.

Stephanie Kreuz

Stephanie is the editor of Watchdog Wire - Ohio. She is a graduate of Hillsdale College. You can contact her at Ohio@WatchdogWire.com for story ideas and ways to get involved with citizen journalism in the state of Ohio.

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