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Do Ohioans Support Employee Choice to Join or Leave Union?

They do. And by a lot. In a recent poll, 80.5% of Ohioans answered yes to the question, “Should employees have the right to decide, without force or penalty, whether to join or leave a labor union?”

August 11-15th is National Employee Freedom Week. The coalition who puts it on looks inform union employees about the freedoms they have to opt out of union membership and make the decision that’s best for them.


They performed polls in all fifty states, which were conducted by Google Consumer Surveys.

Additionally, their survey in Ohio found that 37.7% said yes to the question, “If it were possible to opt out of membership in a labor union without losing your job or any other penalty would you do it?”

Ohio organizations supporting National Employee Freedom Week are the Buckeye Institute and Opportunity Ohio. The coalition includes 81 groups in 45 states.

While Ohio does not have workplace freedom or “right-to-work” laws, union members can consider becoming an agency fee payer or a religious/conscientious objector. As an agency fee payer, you will only pay for the cost of collective bargaining and contract administration. Religious objectors may have their dues exempted and instead paid to a charitable fund.

Stephanie Kreuz

Stephanie is the editor of Watchdog Wire - Ohio. She is a graduate of Hillsdale College. You can contact her at Ohio@WatchdogWire.com for story ideas and ways to get involved with citizen journalism in the state of Ohio.

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