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The Franklin
The Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity is a non-profit journalism organization dedicated to preserving government transparency and integrity on the local, state and national level.

Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Prosperity is a grassroots organization dedicating to educating the public about economic policy and to mobilize these citizens as advocates for public policy.

American Majority
American Majority empowers individuals to promote liberty through limited government by training thousands of activists and candidates across the nation each year and giving them the tools they need to promote change in their local government.

Freedom Works
FreedomWorks recruits, educates, trains and mobilizes millions of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

Heritage Foundation
The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational think tank whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Leadership Institute
The Leadership Institute provides training in campaigns, fundraising, grassroots organizing, youth politics, and communications for conservatives of all ages.

Media Trackers
Media Trackers is a conservative non-profit, non-partisan investigative watchdog dedicated to promoting accountability in the media and government across Wisconsin through cutting edge research and communications initiatives.

National School Choice Week                                                                                      National School Choice Week is held during January of each year and seeks to shine a spotlight on effective educational options for all children.

State Policy Network
State Policy Network is the only group in the country dedicated solely to improving the practical effectiveness of independent, non-profit, market-oriented, state-focused think tanks. SPN’s programs enable these organizations to better educate local citizens, policy makers and opinion leaders about market-oriented alternatives to state and local policy challenges.

True the Vote
True the Vote is an initiative developed by citizens for citizens, meant to inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. They promote ideas that actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation.


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