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Our Policy

Watchdog Wire Service Policy

As a citizen news site with volunteer contributors, Watchdog Wire provides the following services to its users:

  • A national publishing platform for articles that follow Watchdog Wire’s mission to expose waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer money at the local and state levels of government
  • Expanded reach of citizens’ content by promoting published articles through Watchdog Wire’s marketing platforms

  • Individual mentorship and journalism coaching from Watchdog Wire staff

  • Original, user-friendly resources on issue-based investigations, research, and writing

  • Access to our larger network of like-minded citizens

  • An opportunity to make their voice heard and a make a local impact in their communities

*Due to Franklin Center’s tax status limitations and ethics as a media outlet, Watchdog Wire is not liable for citizen content should a third party file suit, nor is the organization required to offer legal counsel or representation. All opinions of citizen contributors are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Watchdog Wire overall.

Expectations of citizen contributors

While we provide these services for free to citizens who choose to participate, we also expect our contributors to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Since Watchdog Wire’s tax status is as a 501(c)3 organization, contributors (writers) are prohibited from engaging in political advocacy on the website such as endorsing any candidate or legislation in an article.
  • Articles outside of the Watchdog Wire stated mission will not be published. Acceptable stories will have a state focus and contain an angle that falls within one of the following categories:  accountability, transparency, state level policy, taxpayer waste, and government overreach and abuse of power.
  • Defamatory content will not be tolerated.  All data presented in articles or posts must be hyper-linked and cited to sources so our readers can see the evidence for themselves.
  • Content will be scrutinized for generalizations.  General statements about a person, group, organization, etc. without data to back up the statements will not be tolerated.
  • Any comments made on articles or posts that contain profanity or vulgar language will be removed by the Watchdog Wire staff. Disagreement or discourse, however, are welcomed on the website as long as it is done in an appropriate and respectful manner.
  • All articles must include a public byline attributed to the author. Writers who choose to use a pen name or remain otherwise anonymous must receive permission from Watchdog Wire staff. E-mail Info@WatchdogWire.com with specific questions or requests.
  • Conflicts of interest must be disclosed. If a contributor is writing about a particular group or organization that they have a direct connection with, they must reveal this connection in their bio or at the bottom of the relevant article.

Steal our Stuff

  • Digital publications may print a reasonable portion of the story followed by a “read more” link to the full story on the WatchdogWire.com website with appropriate attribution — our writer’s name and “From Watchdog Wire.” For example, “By John Doe | From Watchdog Wire.”