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Sounds like a good old Catch-22 to me. The Pennsylvania Department of Education is certainly not going to tell local school districts they have to use state provided resources, and attend professional development that supports Common Core. But, the districts know they have to. Teachers feel the pressure.

Republican incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett has fought an uphill battle in order to climb back into the 2014 top-of-the-ticket race versus Democratic nominee Tom Wolf. Corbett has been trying to make nice with his base after disappointing them last year when he signed an historic transportation spending bill.

Perry County has been the source of much ribbing over the years, due to its heavily rural landscape and character, as though its residents are not sufficiently “citified.”

Like any other group of professionals, teachers are a diverse lot, holding vastly differing social, cultural, and political views. So why is it that they’re lumped together and forced to join state and national teachers’ unions that often don’t reflect local teachers’ concerns?

Always representing themselves as fair-minded arbiters of accuracy and truth, the ABC-CBS-NBC-NPR-WP-LAT-NYT etc et. al. mainstream media has hit a symmetrical groove with other political activists, who may become their own blogger new source.

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