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As statistics continue to come in from Indiana since it passed its Right-to-Work legislation, union executives’ claims that such legislation would have a negative effect on union membership is quickly being debunked.

“Politics as usual.” That is a statement, a curse, a wry observation, an accusation, a vexation to the free citizen, and most surely, it is a threat to good government.

KidsPeace in Bethlehem has received a federal grant to be used toward supporting the needs of 120 unaccompanied migrant children shipped to the Keystone State from America’s Southern border.

A union idea is to tack on a 5 percent natural gas severance tax to the current impact fee and all the other business taxes which are paid by the gas drilling industry. According to Pennsylvania State Education Association President Michael Crossey, “This is a fair [natural gas] tax, a wise investment…that our students need. There is a funding crisis in our public schools.”

The feud of interpreting the definition of Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is still not over.

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