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A majority of Scots voted yesterday to not rock their world, not screw up their currency, not throw 300 years of cultural, financial, and military entanglement with Britain into a complete mess.

Jane Ladley knew in high school that she had a passion to help children learn to read. Her passion turned into her profession, and for 25 years Jane taught in Pennsylvania public schools, working with children with learning and behavioral difficulties. Jane, a Chester County resident, explains, “To see the light bulb go on and see them be able to read—it’s just really thrilling.”

Jane Ladley, a retired Chester County teacher, said she believes that education is academic, not political, which is why she has attached her name, along with another teacher’s reputation, to a lawsuit filed against the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

Is it time to wave the white flag on liquor privatization? After all, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) reported record revenue and transfers to the state’s General Fund this past fiscal year.

Walking off the job Sept. 4, those who marched in Philadelphia were tied to Action United, an organization of low and moderate-income Pennsylvanians.

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