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COMMENTARY: Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane is as honest as Jon Gruber is smart

Kane under fire

November 20, 2014

Jon Gruber is the fast-talking salesman of ObamaCare.

He made millions of dollars from state and federal government payments (that is taxpayer money) to travel America, selling a government-only health care system. Gruber’s credibility has suffered mightily as video after video surfaced of him mocking American voters and taxpayers as “too stupid” to understand how tricky the Obama administration is being while selling ObamaCare.

Obama disavowed ever meeting Gruber, or knowing anything about him, despite videos of Obama mentioning Gruber by name as a source of ideas for ObamaCare. Are any of us surprised at yet more conniving lies from Obama?

Obama intended for ObamaCare to be government-run. He never intended for you to actually “keep your doctor,” or “keep your health care plan,” as he originally promised, or lied for political gain.

Obama has zero credibility, for yet one more reason.

Here in Pennsylvania, Attorney General Kathleen Kane now has hired an attorney to defend her from charges of having purposefully leaked politically sensitive details from a secret grand jury investigation. The Pittsburgh-Tribune reported:

Attorney General Kathleen Kane testified Monday for almost 212 hours before a statewide grand jury investigating a leak by her office, but she told reporters beforehand that overlapping court orders prevent her from publicly disclosing why she testified and how the situation prevents her from doing her job.

It is linked to the release of pornographic emails that her office exposed, but court-ordered restrictions mean she cannot explain that link, Kane told reporters. The court orders expose her to “legal risk if I do my job as attorney general.”

This isn’t the first time Kane has had to hire an attorney to represent her. And she has even hired an attorney to represent her threat to sue the Philadelphia Inquirer for having the guts to report the factual truth about her behavior in the Attorney General’s office.

Kane is a catastrophe. She uses her office for purely political purposes. And, for her own personal purposes: Refusing to indict or even really investigate Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) officials who clearly broke the law, served her family’s interest in not upsetting the PLCB, with which Kane Trucking has huge warehousing and logistics contracts. Clearly a conflict-of-interest problem there, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the liberal, partisan Patriot News to write about it.

Just when we thought these folks had been served notice by the taxpayers and voters that their shenanigans aren’t wanted, President Barack Obama and Kane just keep on getting defiantly worse and worse.

Who would’ve thought that was possible?

America, you get what you pay for. If you pay zero to get zero, you end up with zero, you end up with catastrophically bad government officials.

Photo from Kathleen Kane website

Josh First

Josh First is a businessman, conservationist, father, husband, political activist, and outdoorsman living in Harrisburg. He blogs at www.joshfirst.com

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