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  • Training Events
    Join us for one of our training events throughout the country, and learn more about how YOU can be a citizen watchdog.
  • Quick Tips
    View our “quick tip” articles, and print them off for your immediate reference.
  • Writing Tools
    How you structure and write your story is important for credibility and communication. We have all the tools you’ll need.
  • Open Record Laws
    Each state has its own laws regarding what is public record and what is not, and how you can obtain those records. Learn the laws in your state — sunshine is the best disinfectant. Also, check out our complete breakdown of open records laws in each of our 12 Watchdog Wire states.
  • Non-Profit Groups
    There are other organizations that track items of interest to you as a citizen journalist, including following the money donated to an elected official’s campaign.
  • Investigative Tools
    In this online world, there are many resources you can be using to investigate a topic, person, government, law or policy. Roll up your sleeves…!
  • Government Resources
    Comb through government data and find interesting pieces of information, or notice something of importance. You can also reference this information to¬†corroborate¬†other stories you’re investigating.
  • State Auditors
    Auditors are state-level, elected officials who have varying authority to audit entities receiving government (taxpayer) dollars.