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Foddrill Alleges Possible Van de Putte Link

Texas State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte has announced her intention to run for lieutenant governor on the Democratic Party ticket. Her official announcement came out on Nov. 23. However, the political rumor mill surrounding Wendy Davis’ gubernatorial campaign and other left-wing activist PACs in and around San Antonio had already let that cat out of the bag.

When John Foddrill Sr. worked for the city of San Antonio, he discovered “the variable,” a rotating account established originally to consolidate the city’s official phone accounts. However, according to several confidential sources, a loophole in the account’s design allowed corrupt city officials, such as the mayor, the police chief and several city council members to funnel money for no-bid, unannounced contracts to their pet cronies. This has been going on for more than 25 years, but has gotten worse since the current mayor won his first election. Foddrill audited “the variable” because it was listed under his department and auspice. But he was told to drop his audit and ignore the account. See this earlier story for more of the background.

During the continued drama surrounding Foddrill, he attempted several avenues to report the suspected corruption for it to be, hopefully, objectively investigated. Among those avenues was Foddrill’s state-level senator, Leticia Van de Putte. She refused to initiate a legislative inquiry. Here was her response:

Van de Putte is known to have endorsed Mayor Castro and his twin brother in their respective elections. This begs the yet unanswered questions concerning Foddrill’s whistle-blowing of the allegations regarding “the variable.” Did Van de Putte make the claims in this letter as a means of avoiding her duty to conduct a legislative investigation of her political allies? If so, how complicit is she with this and other corruption allegations surrounding her home-town associates? Foddrill alleges strong ties between D.A. Susan Reed and Van de Putte. D.A. Reed, Foddrill claims, has sidestepped or refused to initiate any investigation based upon John’s documentation. This further begs the question of a conspiracy. Those questions could be easily allayed with transparency and making records public.

While de Putte may have some pull among left-wing and left-leaning females in more urban areas, Texas contains a wide expanse of those opposed to much of Van de Putte’s core ideology, which she shares with her “running mate,” Wendy Davis.

Like many other states, the ballots for governor and lieutenant governor are separate. Should Davis win the election to the Governor’s Mansion, either Dan Patrick or Todd Staples, the two strongest Republican candidates in the race, could well end up her lieutenant governor. The reverse is also possible. Abbott could win and be saddled with Van de Putte as his.

As Davis seeks support in order to bolster her campaign, groups such as Unite Blue and Battleground Texas, seek to assist her. Unfortunately, for both Davis and Van de Putte, both groups are connected to cronyism in the so-called “Obamacare Navigators” who are coming under fire for fraud and identity theft, thanks to the investigative reporting by James O’Keefe III’s Project Veritas. Furthermore, the shaky roll-out of Obamacare and the skyrocketing of insurance premiums and deductibles are not going to do either of them any favors. Even the “voter ID is cheating” crowd has lost steam as the Nov. 5 elections proved the allegations unfounded.

P-G Matuszak

P-G Matuszak retired from the US Army as a Sergeant First Class after 24 years of service. The last 15 of those years were in the intelligence field including assignments in Europe, Hungary, The Balkans, Central and Western Asia, and the Middle East. During his career, his threat analysis and geopolitical analysis was sought out by senior military leadership on a regular basis. P-G retired in 2011 to pursue writing and raising a family. He moved from Arizona, where he was active with the Cochise County Tea Party and Verify The Vote - Arizona to Texas in July 2012 and married his love of a lifetime, Melissa, who joins him in co-writing book, restaurant, and movie reviews on his web-blog, Mental Aikido ( http://pg-matuszak.blogspot.com ). P-G is currently penning two books. The first is on his evolution of his political philosophy. The second is about his time with military transition teams in Iraq during the first year of the Obama presidency. P-G Matuszak is the contributing editor-in-chief of Mental Aikido as well as a contributing columnist for Toraradical.com . His articles have also appeared at FreedomWorks.com. He can be found on twitter as @pavelgregory (https://twitter.com/pavelgregory) and @MentalAikido discussing topics of relevance or bantering about with Breitbart and Town Hall contributor Kurt Schlichter and other Top Conservatives on Twitter (#tcot).

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